The Value of Volunteering

Volunteering is great for your CV. It helps you show off your skills and your willingness to give up your time to help others.

You can also use volunteering to explore different sectors and careers to work out what you enjoy doing most. If you like fashion, you could try volunteering at your local charity shop, or if you think Accountancy is interesting you could become a maths mentor.

Task Squad specialises in demonstrating to employers that skills and experience gained through volunteering – like communication, problem solving, teamwork and leadership – are transferable to a work place environment, so you don’t necessarily need to have previous paid work experience. 

“The staff at Task Squad worked one-on-one with Elizabeth and went through her CV to unpick valuable volunteering experience and give it some structure…She found that the skills she gained from volunteering got her ready for the world of work.”

You might have gained volunteer experience through involvement with a community or youth group, a school or university organisation, as part of a programme like Duke of Edinburgh or National Citizen Service, fundraising for a charity, or just by helping out a neighbour. If you don’t think you’ve volunteered yet – we can help! There are hundreds of opportunities at

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Get recognition for your good deeds

Take your volunteering to the next level by logging your hours with vinspired. When you reach 10, 50 and 100 hours you can apply for a vinspired Award. Gain recognition for your good deeds and impress employers. Win, win!

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