How to Excel at Video Interviews

There are generally two types of video interview:

One way interview - This is when a company uses video interviewing technology to pre-screen candidates by having them respond to pre-set questions.

Two way interview – This is usually done using Skype or a similar platform and you have a live conversation with the employer.

The following advice will help you get ready for both and ensure you present yourself in the most positive way. Let’s go…

Before the interview

Record yourself explaining why you are right for the job and watch it back making sure to check your surroundings and wardrobe look suitable, you are not rushing your answers and can be heard clearly. Make sure you think of some insightful questions to ask at the end of your interview.

Sit in front of as plain a background as possible, no TV or music on in the background, if you have people in your home be sure to let them know the time you have an interview and ask them to keep any noise to a minimum.

Dress post.jpg

If you shift in your seat or suddenly have to stand up you don’t want them to see your jogging or pyjama bottoms. 

During the interview

Camera post.jpg

A video interview can sometimes feel informal because you’re sitting at home, try to keep your language and tone professional.

Time post.jpg

One way interviews often have a time limit for each question, so take a moment to structure your answer mentally before you start. 


Take a deep breath and smile,they want to see your personality as well as your ability to answer questions. Everything won’t go exactly as planned but as long as you’re prepared and you remember to stay on track, you will do great.

By Akanele Kalu
Posted on 10 February 2016
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