How to Succeed at Job Applications

Read the job description

It’s pretty straight forward but job descriptions can be quite lengthy and it’s tempting to just skim the key responsibilities. Resist the urge!

Set aside at least an hour to look at the job description and the key skills and knowledge they are asking for. Read everything, taking notes or highlighting key points that you want to incorporate into your application as you go along.

Ask yourself, is this the right job for you?

You can quickly lose motivation applying for job after job and getting no response.

This can happen for a number of reasons:

  • You don’t have the right experience or transferable skills
  • Your education is not relevant to the role
  • They want someone more senior
  • They want someone who has decided on a definite career
  • They want someone with more flexible availability 

                                         What can you do? 

To increase your change for consideration before you start an application be honest with yourself and consider:

Write a role specific personal statement

Your CV already has a personal statement containing the highlights of who you are, your achievements and what skills you have to offer. We would recommend you then tailor this to highlight what it is about your personality and skills that makes you the right person for this specific job! 

Remember less is more, stick to delivering the main, relevant messages - you can then expand during the interview. 

Check out our blog on writing a personal statement:

Finally, your application doesn't end when you press send

Well Done! You’ve taken the time to put together a concise and informative application ensuring you've double-checked spelling and grammar, asked a friend to review it for you and hit the apply button, now... 

It's unfortunate that you can't get feedback from everyone but don't let that stop you looking for contact information on their website of the job description - some agencies and employers to provide feedback. 

Good Luck, there is an opportunity out there for you! 

By Akanele Kalu
Posted on 29 January 2016
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