How to make the most of your internship

So you’ve just finished school, college or university, and it’s time to start your first job. Chances are it’s going to be an internship which is the perfect way to ease you into working life. 

You’re there to learn

Entering the infamous working world is nerve wracking as it is, an internship provides you with a safer environment to find your feet. You probably won’t start off doing loads of really technical stuff but that’s not a bad thing.Your manager is there to help you learn and grow, and crucially that will include helping you grow from failure.

I left university not really knowing what I wanted to do with my life or what career I wanted to pursue. A year after I graduated I started my internship at vInspired as their Digital Intern. This involved customer service, marketing and content writing.

Dive right in

At the start I didn’t think I would be doing anything like what I’m doing now, my internship really allowed to me to expand the skills I’d developed at university. I had a great manager who guided me through the process, encouraged me to challenge myself and I got to lead on some small projects, which was pretty awesome considering I’d never had an office job before.

Don’t limit yourself

There are all kinds of internships available, in different industries, for different time periods (keep an eye on the blog for an “All you need to know” post) and what to expect varies with each. You’re probably not going to change the whole world on your internship, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try your hardest.

You never know what you can do and hey, sometimes interns do make a difference. Over at Do Something in the US one of their interns got the dictionary to change their definition of the word ‘nude’ - it was previously white-centric, but is now inclusive - and they were interviewed for a bunch of media sites. Intern-power.



There’s no limit to what you can achieve, I got to develop my writing skills and it helped me land a ‘proper’ job. I now write content for a living. I get to be creative every day and I’ve learnt new skills. I know how to operate a camera and even made an actual, professional-ish looking video - something I thought was way beyond my reach.

So what are my top tips?



It might end up being everything you dreamed it would be or not. If it’s not for you, you tried, you did your best, and you’ll have something to add to the ol’ CV, but that doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Experience is invaluable!

By Kieren Mollison
Posted on 23 October 2015
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