5 Recommendations to Save Money Whilst Working

Chances are, your first job will not pay you loads. A badly timed start date/payday might leave you a little out of pocket for a couple of weeks. The good news is, that's all perfectly normal and there's ways around it. We've compiled five simple tips for living on the cheap.

1. Cycle/Walk to work

Probably the best way to save money is to not have to spend it on travel. Fair enough, a bike could cost a bit upfront, but it will soon pay for itself.

Your work might also have a cycle to work scheme, so make sure you check that out. You’ll also save loads of money at the weekends, it’s fun and it's good for you! Be safe though, wear a helmet and follow these basic tips.

If you don’t fancy cycling, why not walk? It’s a particularly good idea in the summer, when mornings and evenings are light. It’s a great start to your day and a nice way to wind down at the end.

2. Get the bus/get the deals

If it’s too far not to use public transport (or you just can’t be bothered cycling/walking), then using the bus is a lot cheaper than the train or tube. You also get to actually see the world as you go. Lovely or what?

If you have to use the tube or the train, then make sure you’re accessing any discounted fares that you’re entitled to.

3. Eat breakfast at home and make a packed lunch

A bacon butty every day from Al’s café downstairs does sound like heaven, but it will soon start costing you loads.

Eat breakfast at home. Maybe just treat yourself every now and then. Make a packed lunch as well. This is also a good way to ensure you’re eating healthily as you know what’s going in it.

Check our previous blog on keeping energised at work for ideas on what you could make.

4. Make the most of the office perks

Pretty much all employers have a kitchen and provide tea/coffee. Don’t waste your money on overpriced skinny lattes. Leave it, yeah?

Free brew wahoo!
Free brew wahoo!

5. Become BFFs with everyone

If you become best mates with at least 5 people at work, that’s potentially an invite to dinner each night of the working week. Yum! See it as a way of developing your interpersonal skills.

That’s just a few tips for you. We're sure there are loads more out there and it would be great to hear about them. Let us know!

By Dan Bond
Posted on 10 June 2014
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