Top 10 Interview Tips

Rebecca Baker is Head of Channel Recruitment and Training at Three. Trying to be a bit clever, we asked Rebecca what her 'Three' top tips would be to ensure a successful interview. She was very generous and gave us ten.

1. Read up on the employer

Your passion for joining a company will be far more believable if you have a good understanding of the business. Read the company website and use search engines to find recent press coverage. The more you know about the company products and its culture, the better.

2. Think of a few questions you want to ask about the role or employer

Your interview is as much about you making your mind up about the employer as it is about them considering you for the job. When you are doing your research about the employer, think about what questions you want to ask.

3. Have a good night’s sleep

It might sound simple, but it’ll certainly help you keep a clear head and not yawning your way through an interview always makes a better impression.

4. Look your best on the day

It’ll give your confidence an extra boost. Wear clothes that you are comfortable in and that make a good impression.

5. Give yourself plenty of time

Don’t get stressed or worried because you’re rushing around. You never know what the traffic, trains or parking will be like so be prepared and aim to arrive early. 15 minutes is a good amount of time. If you’re even earlier this can give you a chance to have a walk around or sit in a café, go over your notes and mentally prepare yourself.

6. Switch off your mobile

It’s a classic mistake, so make sure you do it! Even having your phone on vibrate can put both you and your interviewer off and suggests that you’re not fully focused.

7. Give a good handshake

This makes for a good, confident start to any meeting. Interviewers should consider all of your responses to the interview questions when making a decision on your suitability for the role, but you would be surprised on how much of an impact a limp (or worse, bone-crushing) handshake can have. Need to work on yours? Click here and practice with your mates!

8. Ask for a glass of water

It’s weird how quickly your mouth can dry up whilst you talk about yourself. 

9. Get comfortable

Make sure you are comfortable in the seat and you have taken your jacket off at the start if the room is warm. Don’t go putting your feet up on the table though!

10. Take your time when answering

Think about the question you are being asked. Repeat it out loud if you like and don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer to repeat the question or clarify what they are asking. 

Take heed of these useful pointers and we've no doubt you'll have a job pronto!

By Dan Bond
Posted on 02 May 2014
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