How to Defeat the 'New Job Nerves'

Nervous about starting your new job? Don’t panic! We've come up with some handy tips to help you settle in nice and easy. No more sleepless nights for you!

The night before
Plan your journey: Make sure you know your route to work and have a contingency plan just in case things go wrong. Check the TFL website first thing to see if there are any problems.

Prepare your outfit: Get your threads in order. Decide on what you’re going to wear and stick with it. Make sure you look good but feel comfortable. You don’t want to be shuffling around on your seat all day because your trousers are too tight.

Pack your bag - Tick off our checklist to ensure you have everything you need for your working day:

  • Notes that'll help you with your role
  • Notebook
  • Spare pen (make it a biro - fountain pens and ballpoints can leak and make a mess)
  • Any forms you've been asked to bring
  • Your lunch
  • Bottle of water

It’s a bit like getting ready for school again!

Research: Do a bit of further reading on your employers. Take a look at what programmes they’re currently running or instances of recent media coverage.

Relax: You've been offered the job, and that means your employers like you and believe in you. Do something that makes you feel chilled out. Read a book, watch a movie, go for a jog. Most importantly, get an early night.

The morning
You know your route to work. You’re looking good. Bag’s packed.

Check who you’re meant to ask for upon arrival. Get some breakfast down you (very important). Take a quick look in the mirror and give yourself a little motivational speech – ‘I’m amazing and I’m gonna be kick ass at this job!’ And off you go.

You’ll have been told where you need to go to and who to ask for. Be polite, give them a big smile and plenty of eye contact – just like your interview. Ask them a bit about their weekend, or enter into some gentle chat. How long have they worked here? What’s their role?

Don’t crack any inappropriate jokes though. Things could get awkward….

Settling in
A good employer will have a structured induction for you. They should go over your role, who the other members of the team are, where the kitchen is and where the toilets are. Don't be afraid to ask if you're not told.

Once you’re settled, do a little bit of socialising. Ask if anyone wants a cup of tea (this could actually be the biggest test you’ll face, I've known some people get pretty moody if their brew’s not made right). Start some general chat by talking about a current news topic, or ask about their weekends.

The next few days
Keep introducing yourself to people so they know who you are. A great meeting place is the kitchen, so do a few tea rounds. If you've got a question for someone, speak to them face to face if you can.

Say ‘yes’ to everything! Well maybe not everything – but if someone asks for a volunteer to help out, go for it. This shows willingness to get stuck in. If an email goes out saying that a few people are going to lunch, join in. You don’t have to do this all the time, but it’s a good chance to get to know your colleagues better. The same applies for after-work drinks. Go for one or two, or even a soft drink. It’s all about socialising. Do not, I repeat DO NOT, get drunk on your first trip to the pub. You don’t want to make a fool of yourself before you've even had a proper chance to settle in. Save it for the Christmas party. It’s allowed then.

Follow these tips and you’ll settle in to your new job, no problem. Oh, and don’t forget to work hard!

By Dan Bond
Posted on 30 May 2014
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