About Task Squad

Task Squad was created by vinspired, the UK’s national youth volunteering charity, in 2013 to help shake up the recruitment industry. We couldn't understand why our young volunteers, with their many skills and talents, were really struggling to get paid work.

Without any paid experience they weren't even being considered. We decided we needed to do something about it.

Task Squad exists to support young volunteers into paid work by developing their employability skills and therefore the likelihood of them securing employment. Providing a blended digital & offline support service, we work with young people to identify their many skills developed through volunteering and providing guidance on ‘selling’ these skills to employers.

Through Task Squad young people can access interview and CV support, tips and guidance. We also host CV & Interview Masterclasses, and promote paid opportunities from our trusted partner organisations.

Up until 2016 we also provided a recruitment agency service for London, matching skilled volunteers between 18 – 25 years old with organisations looking to fill entry level roles.

During this period Task Squad welcomed 764 young people into the Task Squad offices, worked with 278 employers and filled 515 jobs, including 50 permanent roles. Employers loved the opportunity to recruit awesome young people, who had demonstrated their can-do attitude and strong work ethic through volunteering, to the workplace.

We are incredibly proud that young people secured 32,000 hours of work through Task Squad’s temporary recruitment service, and that we were able to put over £256,000 back into their hands. In three short years, over 5000 young people used our CV builder to create an ‘employer-ready’ CV, and the team delivered over 1000 interview support meetings.

After conducting an independent evaluation through Renaisi we know that Task Squad’s most valuable asset is the support provided around the recruitment process. The report confirmed that the interview guidance, phone based and face-to-face mentoring, and our online resources and guidance are the parts of Task Squad that young people find most helpful. And we want to share it UK wide.

As a recruitment agency we were limited to London, but as a recruitment service, focusing exclusively on employability means we can support young people across the country, just like vinspired. vinspired enables young people all over the UK to access social action and volunteering opportunities in their local community, and now Task Squad can also be there to help them take that next step into employment. Wherever they are, we can help.